3 Memorable and Fun Corporate Event Planning Ideas

Are you planning a corporate occasion anytime soon? Well, you need to ask yourself first: what is your business goal? This goal and its takeaways can dictate your event planning flow.

After figuring out your business’ event goal, you can begin listing down exciting and fun event ideas. Since you are planning an event for employees, you must focus on rewarding your stuff, and making the occasion worth remembering.

Below are 3 corporate event planning ideas for you.

1. Pick a team building favorite.

Remember that the best team building events are those that don’t feel and appear agenda driven. Combine memorable and fun activities with a powerful training program. By doing so, your attendees can go home invigorated and happy.

  • Plan a memorable and fun activity day that gears towards teamwork.
  • Organize an old-fashioned or digital scavenger hunt. You can also do it inside a special venue or inside the office.
  • Why not break a world record? Bring together a group of people and encourage them to make a mark in this world.

Encourage people to do an activity that bridges the gap between work and fun. An amazing team building will only happen if all of the employees want to be there. Afterwards, they can go back to work and apply all of their learnings. As for event planning ideas, make sure to focus on what the employees want.

2. Get out of the office. Change in environment is crucial to an exciting corporate event.

Move the team out of the office. Change the dress code. Create a different environment that is extremely different from the corporate setting. Let the employees feel comfortable and relaxed. Just move everyone out of the usual office routine.

  • Organize a sports outing. Surely, many employees would feel excited about joining a league team game.
  • Take them to a zoo, botanical garden or museum.
  • Invite food trucks at your event venue. Days before the occasion, let them answer a survey to check which kind of cuisine they like the most.
  • Organize a weekend team picnic. This can include food, music and games.

Make everything exciting for the employees, but don’t forget to incorporate the company’s objectives and vision.

3. Remember to pay it forward.

Today’s workforce and company culture must be all about positivity. Furthermore, corporate social responsibility has a vital role in the lives of modern workers. They should always feel connected and engaged to the workplace.

Below are some ideas for impactful and fun activities:

  • Schedule volunteer work at a food pantry or food bank. You can pack care packages around the holiday season.
  • Let employees plan their own projects, based on their passion.
  • Do volunteer work for underprivileged women and children.

When top executives participate in various charity activities with the rest of the employees, it can boost their morale. It can strengthen the teams and the entire workforce.

Remember, with a firm business goal, and several corporate event planning ideas, you can execute a truly memorable and impactful occasion.

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