Not Always Negative, Here Are Some Benefits When Playing Games

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the home has become the central point of any activity. One activity that is becoming more and more common in this situation is playing video games to pass the time. However, people’s assumptions about amateur gamers are always considered things that are not important, lack of work and so on.

Market research institute IDC estimates that the gaming industry will experience a 20 per cent increase in revenue in 2020. The duration of people playing games at home has also increased during the pandemic, whether playing console games, PCs, or mobile games on smartphones.

Not only to fill spare time but playing games is also said to relieve stress or boredom for some people.

A study revealed that video games could produce a positive effect by reducing depressive symptoms.

Please note that there are several other benefits when playing the game. Here are some of the benefits.

– Video games can make you smarter

Research says a person’s cognition may be improved when he starts playing PlayStation. The researchers conducted five groups of non-gamers and asked them to play the game for one hour a day for four weeks. Researchers found that all video games, both action, and non-action, improved the participants’ cognitive function.

– Practice speaking a foreign language

Each game indeed has a different story. In each round, you will find a lot of dialogue, statements, questions, and descriptions in English.

Games can be an alternative to learning English because you have to find out every information and story revealed in the game. Therefore, playing games can be a means to hone your English skills.

– Add Friend

For online games, you meet unknown people in each match. You have to win together without realizing it. You have to get along with other people. So you will learn to work together in a group.

– Sharpen the brain

Playing games can sharpen your brain. However, it takes strategy and logic to complete each level or mission in the gameplay.

The skills you improve in each game can also get you used to making decisions when facing difficult real-life choices.

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