Bored of Playing Games Continuously? Let’s Try Reading Books!

Reading books is something that should start early in life. Getting kids used to reading books from a young age can be a good thing.

Reading books has many benefits besides making you smarter.

Here are some good reasons why you should start reading.

  1. Increase knowledge

The benefits of reading this one will clearly be felt by anyone who has the habit of reading books. Knowledge that was previously never obtained and thought of can become new views and knowledge which of course can be used for self-sufficiency.

  1. Strengthens the brain

According to the study, reading can make the brain have connectivity that can help improve brain performance to work stronger.

  1. Increase vocabulary

Whether it’s reading books with other languages, reading can help a person to increase vocabulary. Having a lot of vocabulary can certainly be used as a provision for good and smooth communication both in the world of school, work, and relationships.

  1. Improve working memory

Reading activities can help the brain in improving memory work. As reported by the Life Hack page, every memory created will create a “route” of the brain and strengthen the existing route. So that the existing memory in the brain will be strengthened with new memory that is added when reading.

  1. Train focus and concentration

Reading books can also make a person more focused and concentrated on one thing, namely the content of the book. When reading, someone will certainly focus more on the content or story of the book being read. So that a person can train focus and concentration by reading books frequently.

  1. Entertainment

Reading books can also be an entertainment activity besides watching movies or going for a walk. Reading books can be done anywhere and anytime when there is free time. In addition, the entertainment of reading this book is also free entertainment, because there are many legal websites that provide free e-books. Read Favorite Anime Manga Series here.

What types of books can you read?

  1. NovelsĀ 

are a type of book that is quite familiar, especially for those of you who like long stories. Novel is a literary work that has a prose form in which there are 2 elements, namely intrinsic elements, and extrinsic elements.

  1. Comics

Comics are picture stories. Apart from books, comics or picture stories can also be found in newspapers and magazines. Comics are stories that feature images that are displayed in a sequence of events.

  1. Magazine

Magazine is a collection of news, articles, stories, advertisements, and so on which are printed on cardboard or folio-size paper, bound in the form of a book. Magazines are usually published regularly once a week, every two weeks, or once a month.

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