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Different Gambling Lingo Terms Worth Checking Out

Do you know that the gambling world has its own lingo? Well, it is not like a completely different set of languages, it is just that there are some terms that have meaning and if you want to take part in this world, it might be better if you are not ignorant about them. 

top online casino website in Malaysia

Bust – this is usually used in a blackjack card game. This is when a player has cards in which the total numbers are more than 21. His cards then are considered as a bust. 

Bluff – this is when a player will try to harass the opponents by insinuating, he has good cards when actually, his cards can be weaker. 

Bluff Catcher – this is the hand who beats the bluff. 

Carousel – this pertains to a group of slot machines

Card Counting – This is considered cheating. This is when the player will try to mentally take note of those cards that are already dealt so he can somehow analyze the possible outcome of the remaining cards. This is a player trying to outwit the dealer. 

Carpet Joint – this means a high-end casino.

Casino Advantage – this is just the same as a house edge which is already common knowledge to all gamblers. 

Cashable – this pertains to the wager that can be cashed once the betting is over. 

Cash Bonus – this is a gift that will be given to a player due to a deposit. Most of the time, this comes with terms and conditions. 

Cashback – this is what a player can possibly get back due to his losses. But at times, this can also mean his winnings and even wagers for that matter. 

Chargeback – this means a charge that is from the original payment card.

Chalk – this is a team in sporting events that are highly favoured. 

Chips – this is the money in casinos, both in the land casinos and also in online casinos at times. Most of the time, this is used in table games. 

Classic Slot – this refers to a slot machine that has fewer features compared to the slot machines you now see in conventional casinos. 

Croupier – this is what a dealer in a casino is called. 

Casino Marker – this is almost the same as a loan, which is also called a casino loan. This comes without interest and must be paid in the facility as well. 

Comp Points – players can earn this type of points and can be converted to cash or any form of a gift. You can learn more about this if you are interested, especially on how to avail of this, online. For sure you will easily find articles about this. 

The lingo terms presented above are just some of the many. Yes, there are still a lot more and you can learn more about them online. In a top online casino website in Malaysia, you can still use the said terms just like in conventional casinos, so it would be fun to know more about them.

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