KL Girl

Great Things You Can Explore in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers

The most amazing and interesting thing to see in KL is the Petronas Towers for us! It’s incredible! It’s particularly amazing at night when the buildings are illuminated with hundreds of lights and the KLCC Park water fountain lights up to the sounds of the music in various colors and dances. Enjoy the spectacular view alone or with a KL girl escort around your arms.

Batu Caves

The impressive Batu Caves are just outside KL. It is a huge Hindu cave-like cathedral temple with walls reaching almost to the ceiling, with birds flying high overhead, and wild monkeys running up the walls facing brick. We liked the Batu Caves and it’s surely one of Kuala Lumpur’s highlights. But be prepared to walk 272 steps in order to reach the cave, this is a good exercise!


The area has had a surge in growth since our first visit in 2005! It’s now filled with flashy new shopping malls and Asian and international brands of all sorts. You can also find busy markets offering useful and pointless knick-knacks of all sorts.

Food Trip

Jalan Alor in the Bukit Bintang area is the most famous and largest street food street in Kuala Lumpur. It is a vibrant night market package selling food, sweets, and drinks from all over Asia with street vendors and hawker stalls. Wandering around the numerous street restaurants and food stands is great fun, taking in the excitement and all the wonderful smells.

Lake Gardens

We still seek to go to the Lake Gardens, the official name of which is Perdana Botanical Gardens whenever we are in KL as the park is stunning! Stepping out of the busy concrete environment for a few hours and enjoying the beauty is so wonderful.

KL Bird Park

The KL Bird Park is situated next to the Lake Gardens (see above) and is one of KL’s BIG attractions for families with children in particular. The park puts together some 200 Asian bird species that fly free under a large canopy.

KL Butterfly Garden

There’s an area where even fewer flying objects can be seen, butterflies, just up the road from KL Bird Area! The park itself is stunning with tiny waterfalls, bridges, lots of trees with roses, and lots of beautiful and vibrant butterflies flying about, of course.

Islamic Arts Museum

Even though the Islamic Arts in the museum are beautiful and interesting, the museum structure itself is amazing. It’s pure white in the sealings of spectacular and beautifully decorated domes. The Museum of Islamic Arts is just below the KL Bird Reserve.

National Mosque

The National Mosque of KL (also called Masjid Negara) is located just next to the Islamic Arts Museum. It is somewhat unique when it comes to mosque design, at least compared to mosques in the Middle East. Its roof is blue and kind of like a huge umbrella in shape.