How can I do self-improvement in my free time

How can I do self-improvement in my free time?
I often see many people asking what they want to do after work. I also see people asking what other ways to do self-improvement besides reading books. Some people say, “I don’t have much free time, so where can I worry about doing nothing?” It’s either play or sleep.
It is true that this is a comfortable and easy way to spend my spare time, and I wish I could waste my youth in this way, but life and my mind do not allow me to do so. Life has taught us that there are only ten to fifteen years in which a person has the ability, the physical strength, the heart and the mind to work with all his or her heart.

Self-improvement should not be a passing fancy. Consider why you are consciously not competent, where the deficiencies lie and what your goals are. Only then can you identify ways to improve on this basis. It’s not just from your spare time that you can improve. Don’t neglect to learn and improve on the job, which is often more rewarding. The question of the utilisation of free time, do not feel useless or even lose confidence because of its low level, after a long period of slacking this is inevitable, to slowly pile up the so-called very poor utilisation. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, study is study, play is play, rather 3 hours a day to play 1 hour to study than 8 hours a day while playing and studying.

To be honest, if you have the idea of upgrading, don’t use various reasons to put off the progress of learning, the habit becomes nature; clear goals, use all the pieces of time, understand what you want to understand even a little bit is also considered to improve, to have goals but don’t be snobbish and don’t think about overnight success, learning to improve does not bring you immediate results.

If only to achieve some kind of realistic utilitarian purpose, then simply go to the examination or learn the job requirements of the things on the good, examination certificate only class memorization brush away, job content can be from a wide range of understanding such as job sites on the recruitment of other companies, colleagues concerned about the content and the great know.

However, planning and acting on it with extreme self-discipline is a terrible and extremely difficult habit to get into, no need to force it, that’s the idealism of most people.

If you can manage to fully adapt to this mode of life, you could develop a lot of hobbies after work such as pussy888 online.

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