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How to Choose the Best Watch for Him

Are you thinking of buying a new watch for your partner? Buying men’s watches in Malaysia can be challenging, most especially for clueless ladies. Yes, it’s true. Shopping for guys is really hard. For him to enjoy your gift, you should know exactly what he wants.

Have you figured out the best type of watch that you can give your husband or boyfriend? You can never go wrong with a classic wrist watch. Pick the one which are both fashionable and functional. Should you go for a classic watch from Hugo Boss, or a G-Shock? Before making the final decision, below are some important points to consider.

The Watch Face

When it comes to the watch face, it’s always better to pick bigger ones. A small, standard-sized piece would look like woman’s watch on a bigger man. The next component you need to decide on is the color. Pick a classic color instead of going for brighter hues. If your loved one works in the corporate world, the best choice for you is to get him a classy dress watch. That is something that he can wear both in informal and formal occasions.

The Watch Strap

Watch makers use tons of materials for wrist watch straps, from leather and mesh to rubber and plastic. Some materials are more practical compared to the others. However, for first-time buyers and wearers, it’s highly recommended to get a strap that is suitable for all occasions. Why not go for a stainless-steel watch bracelet? He will surely love it. It is easy to clean and waterproof.


See to it that the timepiece you will get matches his routine and lifestyle. It must reflect his hobbies and personal style. If he loves going to the gym, give him a watch that is durable and multifunctional.