Internet for Children: Is It a Yes or No?

We are aware that our generation and the current generation are inseparable from the internet and gadgets. These two are considered more than important in our daily life. They both have significant roles in our life and they are the reason why you should visit for further information. Our focus today is on the internet and is it suitable to be exposed to children. These are the related topic and we will discuss if we should let our children use the internet for different reasons. 

The Internet and Its Impacts

Before we truly dive into our topic, we would be looking at the impact of the internet. Although it is crystal clear that the internet brings many benefits, we have to talk about the impacts as well. Let’s begin with the usage on daily basis. How many times do we usually use the internet? I bet it is uncountable, right? This is also one of the impacts, which is being a part of our essentials. Other than that, in terms of communicating and work-related matters, it is undeniable that they play important roles in making sure that these matters can be resolved and eased. 

Exposing Children to the Internet

If you are a parent, you might be aware that your children are keen to have an interest in your smartphone and also the internet. They see whatever you are doing at home, including what you do with your gadget. They are like sponges, absorbing everything they heard and saw. This is why we should be careful with what we are browsing when the children are around. Now, let’s talk about willingly exposing them to the internet. If they are exposed at such early age, that is something that would cause many consequences in the future. One of the reasons for internet addiction is being exposed to it at unsuitable age. This is what we need to avoid and we should always be present whenever they are using the internet. Apart from that, you can set curfew hours for your children so that they can learn to use it responsibly.

The Internet and Education

In this era, we are closely related to the internet in so many aspects. Not only work-related but our future generation has begun to utilise the internet at schools. Unlike the olden days when the internet was not widely used, these educational institutions have decided to step up their teaching methods by introducing the internet to schools. There are subjects that would require students to use the computer and the internet in order to find out if they are capable to use the technologies. This subject is meant to determine the students’ skills and to ensure that none of them is left behind in using basic computer skills. 

Is it a Yes or No?

If used with parents’ and adults’ guidance, the answer is yes. If we look at online bullying case trends, they all begin at home, but without parents’ observance. This is one of the causes cases like this happen, but they can be prevented with parents’ presence and curfew. It is our responsibility to guide our children to become responsible internet users and to use the internet without causing any harm.

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