Time fibre

Time Internet Connection And The Ways It Work

Choose the appropriate speed to contract fibre optics in your company: remember that the more devices that need to be connected simultaneously to the same network, the greater the connection capacity will be necessary. The same is in the case of videoconferencing with a certain frequency and if you need a high transfer speed and/or a file download. In these cases, you should completely discard the 100 Mbps speed standard and select 300 Mbps and even 600 Mbps if you consider it appropriate. You can check out Time fibre and have the best results there.

Time fibre

Hire A Computer Repair And Maintenance Service:

In the event that the activity of your company depends directly on the operation of computer equipment, this service is essential to have the necessary help in case you suddenly find yourself in a situation of difficulty or emergency.

  • Digitize procedures to the maximum within your company: in this way, you will have a greener attitude and avoid wasting resources by printing documents unnecessarily.
  • Switch to the model of cloud storage systems to be able to save your files in a safe and permanent way without using physical space in the office. In addition, you will have all the necessary information from any computer or mobile device.

The world of technology advances every day in an unstoppable way, and in all aspects of life the Internet is essential, that is why companies strive to find all possible means to offer their best services through the large network, as well as the installation of consumer-friendly platforms and applications.

Speed ​​In Connectivity Services

The development of the Internet influences a large number of daily activities, modifying the way of working and even socializing with other people, and the Internet is not limited to looking for information on a website, it also allows shopping, banking, etc. to mention some uses of this tool.


Due to all the advantages that the Internet offers, this market is becoming more and more competitive, and one of the characteristics that users require is to have a service that offers the highest speed, which can be measured through a simple speed test, With which a reliable index of connection speed can be obtained by evaluating the data transfer to the network.

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