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Top 5 PHP Tips And Tricks For Developers

Wanna learn PHP but find it to be too much trouble? These tips and tricks will help you along the way

Many web developers face various challenges that require assistance. If you want to learn PHP, you need to execute good tips and tricks to make your learning process a lot faster. PHP is one of the most used programming languages for website building. Below are some techniques that can give you a professional, hassle-free PHP learning process.

  • Use a framework.

Plenty of website developers believe that frameworks are a lot slower than PHP. But, you need to familiarize yourself with how frameworks work, and how it can help you with tedious jobs.

  • Draw before you start coding.

Before coding, you need to thoroughly work on your project’s mechanics. Wireframe your project. Don’t forget to do some sketches to help you visualize your goals for the website you are building. Planning is crucial in order to point out the areas which needs more attention.

  • Implement class auto-loading.

Through auto-loading classes, you can pre-empt all the eventualities. It can send error messages, notifying you that you failed to include the class file.

  • Be cautious in using the () function.

The functions require() or include() are typically used when calling other files, classes and libraries. Include () delivers a warning (proceed execution). Require(), on the other hand, gives a user a critical error (stop the execution). These functions may seem unclear for some, so you need to consult the PHP manual from time to time.


PHP is recognized as the best available website programming language—an open source for developing websites. You might find the learning process a bit challenging, but you can make it a lot easier and faster through effective tips and tricks. Remember that using PHP for website creation can give you a much responsive web during development, better performance, as well as a lightweight, unique website.

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